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Indian Artifacts give us much of the information we know about our past. Some Indian Artifacts date back as far as 11,500 BP, and there are several types of Indian Artifacts that many are collecting these days. Ground Stone Tools, Projectile Points (Arrow Heads), Pipes, Beads, Bone Tools, Basketry, Bone Tools, Games Stones, Flake Stone Tools, and Pottery. The Most Common Stones Used To Make Indian Arrowheads, Quartzite, Jasper, Quartz, Chalcedony, Agate, Obsidian, Chert, Petrified wood, and Basalt. There are Replicated Indian Artifacts, and there are Authentic Indian Artifacts Both are can be used for decorating our home, but for collector only Authentic Artifacts will do. Replicated Artifacts are fairly easy to spot since they do not have the years of wear along with their edges, and flaking are jagged instead of being smother from the wear of weather over the years that they have been laying to the elements for hundreds if not thousands of years

Price: $90.00

Snyder Arrowhead

Price: $50.00

Madison Arrowhead

Price: $50.00

Calf Creek 

Price: $45.00

Calf Creek

Price $800.00

Woodland – -North Arrowhead

Price $600.00

Multi Color North Arrow Head

Price $150.00

White Adena Arrowhead

Price $ 250.00

Small Adena Arrow Head

Replica Indian Spearheads

Price $16.52

Reiki Healing Crystal Indian Set of 2 Agate Stone Natural Spearhead Handmade Arrowhead 

Price $8.91

Reikiera 2 x Handmade Indian Agate Stone Spearhead 4 Inches Arrowhead 

Price $49.03

Reikiera Handmade Indian Agate Stone Spearhead Set of 5 Inches Arrowheads 

Price $5.95

1 (One) Gold Plated Spiral Amethyst Spearhead Pendant Rp Exclusive COA AM15B11-09 

Replica Indian Tomahawks

Price $109.95


Mission Del Rey Navajo Old Style Beaded Tomahawk 15″

Price $70.50

Plains Indian Tomahawk Hatchet Buckskin And Beads

Price $37.95

16″ Tomahawk Hatchet with Art Painting on the Blade New

Price $22.99

War Tomahawk 

Replica Indian Peace Pipes

Price $22.00




Denix Peace Pipe Tomahawk w/ Axe

Price $34.99

Extra Long Churchwarden Tobacco Peace Pipe 17″ – With Indian Spirit Feathers & Beads – Hand Made

Price $21.99

Wooden Wolf Peace Pipe with Beaded Feathers and Leather Wrap

Price $89.99

RC Authentic Ceremonial Tobaco Peace Pipe 12″ Hand Crafted by Navajo Clara Vasquez

Replica Indian Bow & Arrows

Price $199.99

Mission Del Rey Antiqued Native American Bow & Coyote Quiver 44″

Price $55.99

B.W. Bows Archery Recurve Native American Buckskin Bow 60in – 40-47lb

Price $25.16

Set of 3 Colorful Rustic Western Arrows Distressed Wall Art – 12″ Long

Price $15.99

Set of 2 Assorted Burton & Burton Southwestern Style Metal Teepee Arrow & Feather Ornaments

Indian Artifact Books

Price $11.65

Arrowheads of the Central Great Plains: Identification & Value Guide 

Price $39.99

Arrowheads Early Man Projectile Points of North America, Identification & Values 

Price $8.00

North American Indian Points: Identification and Value Guide 

Price $20.36

14th Edition of Overstreet Identification and Price Guide to Indian Arrowheads 

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